Aagar Pacchin

Kashmir is renowned not only for its beauty, but its rich customs, traditions, and history as well. Some Kashmiri myths and stories are quite interesting and sometimes provide an insight into the rich past of the land when ‘dastans’ or simply long stories substituted all present means of entertainment.

One such tale is about a mythical bird, called the ‘Aagar Pacchin’. The tale of the Aagar Pacchin is not well heard and varies from one family to another. It is believed that the Aagar Pacchin was a large bird that was capable of simply picking a person up and carrying them far away. It is believed that once there was a skilled archer in Kashmir, who went by the name of Adam, who was practicing and accidentally shot the Aagar Pacchin. The giant bird flew down and landed near Adam who realized his mistake and began apologizing.

The Aagar Pacchin stopped him from speaking and told him that for 12 years, she had an unusual pain in her chest and that the arrow helped release the pus and contaminated blood, relieving her of the pain. To reward Adam, the Aagar Pacchin gave him one of her feathers. If ever Adam needed assistance he simply had to take the feather and hold it in front of a fire and the Aagar Pacchin would immediately arrive and offer help. This is one of the most widely accepted stories regarding the Aagar Pacchin and yet this myth is mostly unheard of.

Muhammad Anaab Ahsani

Class IX

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