Revolution Of Over 5000 Pictures

Author: Syed Imaad Hussain

As the industrial revolution took place in The United States Of America in the early 1900s, industries needed a copious amount of workers. These workers had to be ones who were easy to instruct and ones who did not go on strikes. Due to these prerequisites, the industries turned to children for their labor. This continued for a good period Of time and as is the case with all social problems, this problem too was overlooked and ignored by the people. This continued until a man named Lewis Hine decided to battle this problem himself and went out on a journey Of sorts. He travelled all over America and photographed as well as interviewed child labourers noting down their identities and dire working conditions. This continued and at the end, he published a data- base containing over five thousand pictures of these child labourers.This database also contained his inteview notes which contained names, a list of injuries sustained, the places where they received said injury and the horrifying working conditions. This album seemed to open the eyes of society and deeply affect the conscience of the people as these children were no longer simply strangers. They had been given an identity which was publicized all over. This simple yet liberating action, after thirty years led to the publishing Of the initial child labor laws of America ridding society of this tragedy.

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