1. I lie in the Zabarwan Range. My name means ‘ten villages’. Do you know my name?

2. I am a winnowing fan made of reed. You can still find me in most homes. What am I?

3. I am a subspecies of elk native to Kashmir. You can find me in the dense riverine forests in the high valleys and mountains of Kashmir. What am I?

4. My poems represent some of the earliest known works of Kashmiri literature. A total of 285 poems, known as ‘vakhs’ are attributed to me. Who am I?

5. Located in the Bandipora district, I am one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. What is my name?


1. Dachigam National Park

2. Shu’p

3. Hangul / Kashmir Stag

4. Lal Ded / Lalleshwari

5. Wular Lake


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