Covid: Ending, Never-ending

It changed the scenario of the world, turned the lives of people upside down, and yes it is the same thing you’re thinking about; the current pandemic, it’s the Corona Virus. The fear of it made each person’s life dark, dull and miserable. However, people have now caught on to it, before they were completely clueless about it. In 2020 even if we had fought tooth and nail to stop this virus, it’s spread would not have stopped. This pandemic had an impact on each and every person on this planet; the mindsets of the people, their ideologies and most importantly their priorities. We hear people saying that this pandemic had a negative impact on our lives, but one should know that it has also changed our lives in a positive manner. Before this pandemic we used to take ourselves and our families for granted, most of us were continuously ignoring to love ourselves and value our lives; covid 19 taught us to do exactly the opposite. It made us realize the importance of one’s life before anything else. No doubt many people got depressed and anxious, but it taught us to fight and stay strong and defeat any virus, or anything that lets us down and stops us from being who we actually are. Many things happened in this pandemic, some were negative and some undoubtedly positive, but everything that has happened has made us stronger than before. Everyone tried doing new things in the current situation. Some started to paint, some started to write, and some did other interesting things. And then eventually people got to know about their hidden talents which they were unaware of.

Now that everything is normalizing, one should know that the virus hasn’t undermined yet, it’s still spreading. So we should follow all the precautions and stay safe!


Zaara Farooq


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