Kashmir is one of the top tourist destinations in India. Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg are some of the most frequented places in Kashmir. However, there are quite a few unexplored places that are lesser-known, but just as beautiful. Just 90 km outside Srinagar lies one such hidden gem. In the Kupwara district of Kashmir, there is a village named “Kalaroos”. Not only is the village very picturesque, but it is associated with many myths and mysteries. The name ‘kalaroos’ is believed to be derived from ‘Qil-e-Roos’ or the palace of the Russians. There are seven caves that many believe were built by the Russians, and come out in Russia. Locals say that the seven caves symbolize seven distinct routes to Russia and other countries. There are many theories as to what these caves represent, some are associated with mythological creatures and some to trade routes. Whether a myth or otherwise,  Kalaroos buzzes of secrets of a long forgotten past that we can only seek to comprehend.

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