Life In A Nutshell

What is life? How can we define life? Is life all that we do and all that happens to us? Is life all that we live or is there more to it?

So many questions, and so many answers; different perceptions.

From what I see, life is the journey from earth to eternity; or let’s just say for eternity. We live by judging others only to end up in front of the biggest judge. Our life is more like a cycle of judgements till the final judgement, by the ultimate judge, our almighty.

Our journey towards our end, only to begin again, is all about how we live for the sake of eternity.

Life as I would define it, is all in the moments bound together with strings of hope and faith. Our actions and reactions, our records of all our judgements will eventually have to go through the biggest judge. Do you ever wonder what it must be like judging each other only to end up being in front of the biggest judge? The best judge would be more accurate to say.

Our journeys are our moments of strengths, weaknesses, love, despair, pain, contentment, connections and spirituality. The list goes on just like our thriving interests for eternity.

The easy way to say all this would be perception.

Our perception makes our life. Life is how we perceive, all that we have and all that we don’t, all that we want and all that we give, all what we are and all what we think.

Life, if to be seen through the lens of wisdom and spirituality, is nothing but a journey to core of what we are and what we can be.

It is nothing but a long journey where we see less through ourselves and try to look more into others.

Let life be how you see through yourselves and how you take from others what they can’t see through themselves.

So life is in the tiny details. Let life happen to you, let yourself make the most out of every moment.

Life is in the moments. Moments make our life.


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