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Our journeys make up our stories and stories have the potential to make someone’s life.

Stories, something we all grow up with. Stories connect us. They have a way of binding people together, of making things relatable, and of deeming life approachable. People may not necessarily understand the enchantment of life, but as long as they move along and live stories, watch stories, or maybe even make a few, they get to the core of things. The best part is that we all have a story, even the ones who don’t write one.

Our lives have the beginning and the end written. But you know what the exciting part is? These spaces between the start and the end are ours to fill, with as many colors as we want, in as many shades as we represent.

There are endless stories around us, within us, and with us. Different seasons and different people, different places and different scripts, different writers and different listeners, all of us in this world of sorts fill up reality with the figment of our imagination, in bits and scrambles make reality an abstraction. The only thing that makes us who we are, are the choices we make, the way we write the script of life, the way we process everything, the way we enact and the way we react.

Everything is connected. The connection might not be visible but it is there in our very hearts and souls. The connection to the almighty, that to our loved ones. Life pretty much seems like an art book. There’s art everywhere, the way you look at others, the way you speak, the stories you make and live, the way you mold yourselves; art is from us and we are the art, we make the art while being the art.

Life is a journey of writing and living stories, sharing and learning theories while peddling through different seasons and creating new horizons. But we all know stories are never just the happy ones; there’s pain, suffering, learning, smiling, crying, and then above all there’s that one thing that makes us believe in them, and that my dear, is faith.

Faith in the one who molded clay and breathed life into it, the artist of all. It all belongs to Him, made and created from the depths of our souls, everything in its entirety.


Class XII

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