Waii Wuph Karān Wai! 

Waii Wuph Karān Wai!

A valley of fables and myths, Kashmir has its own adaptations of demons that roam around in the dark nights and dwell in trees and abandoned grounds by day. To the survival of both Kashmiri people and tradition, the water bodies perhaps have a hand in shaping our collective instincts, so it is not at all surprising that the rivers too have mythical creatures of their own!

From the nag to the pari, none sends a shiver down a child’s spine at night more than the waii wuph. A 9 feet tall, black figure that emerges from the river at midnight, scrounging the empty streets, the waii wuph is known to have long hair, hiding its hideously scarred face. It gets it’s name because of the sound it makes, which is between a human’s wail and the barking of dogs. Though it has travelled many tongues, none have yet decided on whether it’s a dog or a cat, while it could also be a midget! Like the yachh, it can only be controlled by its cap but only if someone could catch it, for on all fours, it moves faster than any known animal. And in its nocturnal pursuit, it lures people out, wailing waii, waii, waii!

Hayan Naim

Class XII

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