Yemis “Nannawor” nav drav tas tsalih ne zanh

 Yemis “Nannawor” nav drav tas tsalih ne zanh.

 Translation: If a man has got nicknamed ‘Bare footed’, the nick-name will never leave him.

 In olden times, there lived in Kashmir a great man named Khwajah Karim Din. He once visited the Idgah in time of snow. There he noticed the nice level ground and said to his attendant, “Take off my shoes. I wish to run for a few minutes with naked feet”. His servant obeyed and Karim Din ran to his heart’s content. From that hour the people called him Karim Nannawor. Of course he was very angry at this, and tried every means in his power to check it; but all to no purpose. To the very hour of his death, and since then, whenever his name has been mentioned, people have spoken of him as  Karim Nannawor (i,e., bare footed Karim).

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