Agha Syed Hussain Shah Jalali


Agha Syed Hussain Shah Jalali, also known as Nawab-e-Kashmir, was a noted landlord, philanthropist, and educationist; who worked tirelessly towards the establishment of modern educational institutions in Kashmir that would benefit the underprivileged.

The first school he established was situated in Srinagar and was named Imamia School (1910). Its branches were later opened in districts throughout the valley. These schools produced numerous notable alumni, who went on to be bureaucrats, scholars, politicians, and leaders in the financial sector. Mr. Jalali endeavored to turn the schools into reputable educational institutions. For this purpose, he acquainted himself with many leading educationists, to seek consultation and invited premier personalities of India to visit them.

Although his contributions were not only limited to Kashmir, Jalali crossed the boundaries of region and religion by donating to the reconstruction of the Golden Temple. His name was then inscribed on one of the blocks of the gurdwara, immortalizing his contribution.

After he died in 1950, his son Syed Mohammad Jalali took to the task of looking after the management of the schools and related activities, with his grandson, Syed Iftikhar Jalali preserving and continuing his legacy till this day.


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