‘Lessons from a 12 year old’

Wear a mask, wash your hands

Don’t touch the walls, don’t touch the lands.


Cover your mouth, cover your ear

Don’t break the rules, no don’t you dare.


Sanitize your hands, wear your gloves

They are even doing this in the T.V shows.


I don’t get why you don’t bother to wear a mask.

It’s not a mountain climbing task.


Stay home, stay safe, don’t go outside

Take your own vehicle, don’t go for a public ride.

This Covid has led to so many difficulties

But at home, weren’t you able to discover your abilities?


Some found they could sketch, some found they could write.

Isn’t this leading us to make our future bright?


Oh look what they are doing wearing matching masks.

“Where did you get these from?” to them everyone asks.


Now we are receiving education online

Don’t worry everything will be fine.


“Turn on your camera” the teacher says

Oh my, I’m not in the condition of showing my face.

The families together are spending these hard times.

The little ones are being taught nursery rhymes.


This corona has come but it’ll go away

We’ll get to go to school

There will be such a day.


Not doing us any favor, but it’s making us braver.


There are hard times but they have their benefits

You learned something from this, even if its little bits.


Be thankful, because everything that happens is for good.

Face these times bravely, oh you should!


Oh God! Please make everything normal for us

So we can wakeup early again, wave our parents goodbye and leave for the school bus.


Falak Fayaz – 6th

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