Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I?

In this fake world, who am I?

Am I someone who is just casting a shadow,

Or am I the thirsty person looking for water in a desert?

Or maybe a poor sailor who is facing solid waves of the sea.

I don’t know who I am!

I don’t know why I came into this world, Maybe to be tested but tested are those Who are close to Him! Can you tell me who I am?

Can these hardships destroy someone?

Who is already destroying it?

Tears are falling from my eyes,

Just like the water from the fall

But with these tears, I am falling too.

So, maybe I am a petal of a withered flower

But a flower only withers when it blooms

And my flower never bloomed!

Now can you tell me who I am?

Sadiya Nisar
Class XII

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