You, She & Her

Her clothes are loose
Shirts too tight
Long dresses don’t suit her
Her lipstick’s too bright
She is too fat, too thin, too flat
But she is not a thing
Something to judge
An object to object
She’s me, she’s us and she’s we.

Applies too much makeup
Always overdressed
She needs a shake-up
Looks too stressed
She tries to be perfect but doesn’t succeed
She tries to do her best but can’t proceed
Beauty standards are higher than the buildings in town
She smiles all day yet sleeps with a frown
She doesn’t shut up
Keeps blabbering like a twit
She’s too quiet
She’s definitely a misfit
She’s mad
She’s daft
She’s silly to let this all be and let it all happen
Because they will never be satisfied.
Bareena Javaid
Class IX

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