Forgotten Ways to Learn From Nature

Nature has been our best friend for centuries and yet a mystery, a puzzle to us. Its mechanism and mysteries have always intrigued me and continue to do so. The centre of our life is nature and its significance in our lives is immense; therefore, we must stay connected to it.
We have become increasingly disconnected from nature because of our fast-paced life, forgetting our roots. The majority of people nowadays do not even realise how deep our awareness and connection with the natural world can go, simply because we don’t bother ourselves to try and connect with it. Nature gives us abundant knowledge time and again, but we, humans, keep on forgetting it.
Nature teaches us the lesson of staying calm in every storm. It teaches us how to be truly present and aware in life. In this technological world, everything is fast-paced and filled with immense pressure. Have we ever taken time to just sit still and meditate or ponder upon life? No, because we can’t spare the time in our hectic schedules to appreciate the timeless beauty of nature. Nature helps to focus and it enhances our basic senses. Our ability to focus increases dramatically if we strive for an overall improvement in awareness.
Nature teaches us to have fun too. I believe that the many colours around us represent different emotions in life. Thus, nature teaches us to have joy in life, and in fact, it can also become the fuel for our joy. If we connect to nature on a primal level, we can discover little but many joys in life. Patience and determination are the two most important qualities that we can learn from nature.
To sum it up, nature can teach us a wide array of things but only when we are open to discovering them. It goes beyond all the above-mentioned, and every individual can learn several other lessons. However, we need to start somewhere, connect to nature and recover our instincts; in a way become one with nature and feel all of it – learn the forgotten ways of learning from nature, and experience life again…in a different way.

Saliha Masroor
Class X

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