Am I the King?


There were days when I was mocked in a zoo,

Now I sit back — smug , and laugh at you.

You laughed at me when I was in a cage,

Every moment my heart burned with rage.

You’ve finally lowered your proud head,

And to yourself you have quietly said:

“Am I the King of the Earth,

Am I the king I thought I was?”

Staring at the face of death,

As you felt his deadly breath.

Your heart is more considerate and kind,

Bliss in every minute you find.

You never felt the depth of the sky,

Or the thrill of the birds that gently fly,

Or the pristine water of the flowing stream,

Or how majestic the hills seem.

You were so busy with your “work”.

You couldn’t tell apart light or murk.

You couldn’t hear the sweet chirping birds.

You couldn’t smell the aroma of flowers,

Now you see it all and feel it all,

Shown by a virus, tiny and small.



Class IX


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