Supports: iOS and Android
Price: Free with Optional Subscription
When we have to go shopping, we either make scribbled lists on torn sheets of paper or ask someone to send the items via message. But this can get disorganised, items can be forgotten and lists can get lost. Bring! is an app which lets you make categorised shopping lists. The main advantage of Bring! Is that lists can be collaborative, so multiple people can add items and strike them off once they’re bought. This makes it an excellent tool for meal planning and shopping in general. You can create lists according to the occasion, like Home, Party or Picnic. Bring! can be connected to your Google Account, Apple ID, or users can create a separate account. The app even suggests new recipes in the Inspiration section. Users can add photos and text to specific items so they never buy the wrong product. The app is geared more towards grocery shopping, but it lets users create custom items. Bring! is a practical app which will help users’ shopping become organised and waste-free. Most of the app can be used for free, though some additional features require a premium subscription.

Zainab Iqbal
Class IX

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