Between the Shades of Gray

Success meant survival. Failure meant death’ – Between the Shades of Gray
Between the Shades of Gray is a piece of historical fiction written by Ruta Sepetys. I didn’t know about this book at first even though it is a New York Times Bestseller. I came across it while searching for something on Google and accidentally clicked on a link that took me to the preview of this remarkable book. I read the preview and got so engrossed in reading this fascinating book that I thought I should buy it even though I am usually not interested in historical fiction. Luckily, this one caught my attention.
Getting to the point, this is an impeccable, amazing book that gives you a faint idea about WWII (World War Two), especially emphasizing on the terror suffered by the people of Lithuania under Stalin. The author has written every single thing in a very detailed way. This gives you an image of what might have happened during that period of time which is actually the most interesting thing about this book.
The main lead of the novel is Lina, a 15-year-old girl who has hopes for her family, the people of her country, her unexpected love and her future. This novel is written from her point of view but the book itself concentrates not only on her but her mother as well. This story describes the hardships and difficulties the Lithuanians suffered. They had to go through famine, and the unbearable pain of losing their loved ones (Horrible, right?).
The book focuses on the cruelty, brutality, inhumanity and ruthlessness of people. It talks about how Lina and her family had hope despite being in the depths of despair. The horrendous, terrible situation they were in because of the ferocious inhumanity of their oppressors was such that one would rather die than survive. Still, they had hope and unity in the face of relentless despair. Their bravery and optimism is thought provoking.
The story also teaches us moral values and important lessons. Trust me, it is worth reading! I hope that I am not ruining the suspense of the story; I just want to raise your interest.
Will her hope lead her to her aims? Will despair take over her hopes? Will she survive? Will she have a better future? Will she get her love?
These questions will be answered when and only if you read it.
‘A wrongdoing doesn’t give us the right to do wrong’ – (Ch.78, Between the Shades of Gray)

Adeeba Bilal
Class IX

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