They looked at each other In the subdued anticipation of possible fireworks,

They couldn’t sit still, tapping their feet to the rhythm of imagination,

They lived for that one moment of adrenaline,

The blood pumping through their veins,

Little tremors knocking on the doorsteps of impossibilities,

They longed for a surprise, bored of seeing their weary faces

Rusting out under the placates of nights and days,

They looked each other in the eyes, and sighed and looked away

Only to look back again and they kept on doing this

Until the madness took a toll on their brains,

They lied there day in and day out, lips quivering,

Hoping for the words to come out,

Arms reaching out to feel the warmth of another only to recede back,

Theirs was a passion sunken, downtrodden and stamped upon,

They hollowed out, and worried themselves to death

Looking for spaces to fill their voids, only to hear the

Rustle as the winds blew through their hollowed hearts.

– Taif

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