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Winter is finally here and it is the perfect weather to snuggle with a hot cup of tea. Tea is one of the most loved beverages in India and around the world; not without a reason. A soothing brew can easily get you through a gloomy day. Nun e Chai, also called Kashmiri tea or pink tea, is a traditional tea beverage, originating from the Kashmir Valley. The ingredients of Nun e Chai include green tea leaves, milk, salt and baking soda. It is usually prepared in a Samovar. Nun e Chai is usually served at breakfast time in Kashmir Valley. Nun e Chai is admired by each and every Kashmiri. Kashmiris are so fascinated by its taste that instead of taking fruits or cereals in the morning, people love to start their day with a cup of brewing Nun e Chai. It is served with bread called Kander Cxot or Lawaase which the Kandu(Kashmiri Baker) bakes in Tandoor (clay oven). The trick lies in getting the blush pink color. The color comes from adding a pinch of baking soda. Baking soda is added while brewing the tea which turns it into a red liquid and it finally transforms into the beautiful pink tea on adding milk. In Kashmir, it is essential to serve Nun e Chai to guests during any congregation not only in winters but summers too. The taste of Nun e Chai is made more distinct when butter, cream, grated almonds/coconut are added to it. The tea is so refreshing that people consume it during working hours as well. Nun e Chai is taken at least two times during winters to resist the cold and keep warm.

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