Lalitadiya Muktapida

Lalitaditya Muktapida, widely known as Alexander of India, the youngest son of Pratapaditya, was an emperor of Kashmir belonging to the Karkota Dynasty. He was a celestial figure in the history of Kashmir who asserted his influence far beyond howbeit. He moved his capital from Srinagar to Parihaspora (a small town near Srinagar in Kashmir valley). Several shrines and sacred images were erected during his time. The ruins of the temple of Martanda about 5 miles from Anantnag or Islamabad, and of his city, Parihaspora, fourteen miles from Srinagar, bear eloquent testimony to the stature he held. He was never at ease with his conquests; always wanted to vanquish more territories. It was during one of his very expeditions that he lost his life, a match for Alexander the great who also died tirelessly in the pursuit of wealth and territory.

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