Kashmiri Lavender

‘As Rosemary is to the spirit, so lavender is to the Soul.’ Its soothing, relaxing, and uplifting effects have been cherished by people across the boundaries of time. Lavender is essentially a perennial bushy shrub, 50 to 80 cm tall, and possesses attractive spiky flowers. With the arrival of summer, we witness domains in particular areas of Gulmarg, Sumbal, Aru, Budgam, and Pulwama of Kashmir valley garlanding the finest blossom of lavender flowers erupting in diverse hues of purples and violets.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda reveals that lavender essential oil holds the power to balance the problems of Vata (wind), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (phlegm). Its oil is known to add a brilliant luster to the skin, balance the body, and bring happiness and peace to the mind. Sprinkling it over and under the pillow for a good night’s sleep has become a norm for some celebrities. If you are looking for an oil to calm your busy mind, mind not to inhale some oil for therapeutic relaxation. You might have been asked to use its oil amidst this pandemic as it helps boost immunity and makes the body resistant to a multitude of diseases. Kashmiri lavender yields the most versatile essential oil known to mankind no doubt; this wonder of oil was so adored by our ancestors.

By: Asra Zakeeya, 11th


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