The Crown

The Crown

There are some series that are so beautifully created that it takes one time to find out the fallacies in the story and the plot holes which affect the story a lot.

This is the case for “The Crown” ; the series has been created with so much care and meticulous attention to detail that you have to see between the lines to identify its flaws. The Crown is about the royal family of England, throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which by the way is still going strong. The palace intrigues coupled with the human-ness of the queen makes this series a must watch; an aspect of royal life, which is that they’re normal humans is often overlooked by the general public, and this series delivers absolutely that.

Now on to the negatives. The story line takes almost a season and a half (full of slow story developments) to catch the attention of the viewer, and as a viewer myself, I took a week long hiatus between the second and third seasons just because it was so slow developing and exhausting. The other major issue was the whitewashing of the royal history. They’ve shown the African colonies as being flourishing under British rule while it wasn’t the case in real life at all. The whitewashing of history goes to another level when they try to show the then Egyptian military commander as being a child like figure, which in real life he wasn’t. If you’re not fond of whitewashed history then you’ll find a lot of this show to be of the “propagandist” nature. Nonetheless, this is a must watch if you’re intrigued by palace politics and the royal family.

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