The Day I Tried To Live


The day I tried to live,

Was the day I realised I wasn’t alive before.

Retrospect, painful in its clarity –

All the moments lost in disparity..


I recall the day I was born

Eyes open bright, hope adorned

Little by little it all went away.


Perhaps because of that day,

When I tried to spread my wings


I was met by mountains

Too high for a small bird,

to flit over.


Roaming around, dreams drowned

And all I see is

the waves choking me,

My tattered remains floating around.


All that once kept me alight

burning on the ground,

Too blind to see the light

My tired eyes saw only blight.


Now that I am in the skies,

I see the bliss


That could have touched me –

Had I but opened my eyes



I now realize

are spread by a force found inside.

Icarus would not have fallen

had he not brought himself down.


Syed Imaad

Class IX

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