The Glacier

The Glacier is melting
The interior is welting
The color is fading
The heat is rising
All of this has brought chaos
Chaos whose solution nobody knows
Whose solution nobody knows

But solutions aren’t known to man rather they’re gained
By remembering when did it last rain
By remembering what were the lessons to be learned
By remembering who said the last words
By remembering who said the last words

Remembering doesn’t mean just diverging to the memory lane
It means taking a quick glance at the repository of the brain
To stop the glacier, you have to let it ooze
Break its constraints and let it loose
But, also keep in mind they’re are villages below the glacier
They surely would face the impact
I hope they better build a raft

The glacier will gradually melt and vanish
But the mountain will remain,
It would’ve changed, but for the better
The water from the glacier would make it neater
It would lack any loose stones
Which result to injury to many
It would become a habitat for greenery
It would become a habitat for greenery

Khalid Khursheed
Class X

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