They Are Cruel But I Will Shine

They think that I’m crazy

I’m stupid and lazy.

The dumb girl who is hazy

They step on me like a perished daisy.


They think that I can’t do anything.

And to me sorrow and pain they bring

By saying I’m just a useless lump

Who is meant to fail in everything.


And it is upon me they jump.

And like flowers, petals I shed.

No matter if they give me poison or bread

Their words don’t kill me, I’m already dead.


And in their eyes I see a cruel gleam

And they all share this one dream,

To crumple me like a sheet of paper.

Because they know if they don’t hold me back, I’ll rise like a skyscraper.


They think that I’m a weak little bird

Who can’t fly to the mountain peak.

But when I reach the heights I seek, who are they going to jeer?


A little flower sheds it’s petals at night

Not because it’s losing hope

But because in the morning, when the daylight will shine bright

It’ll open its petals wider than ever.


I know like the sun I’ll shine one day

And it won’t matter if they go away or choose to stay

I will work for it and keep working and have my success today.


*My note: Don’t let anybody tell you that you cannot be anything you want to be.


Falak Fayaz Masoodi

Class VI

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